I am a 30 year US Naval veteran and started collecting military memorabilia in 1995.  I collected everything I could get my hands on from the various countries that I was stationed at or deployed to.  I have been selling, buying and trading for the last 20 years and have obtained a very large inventory. 

I lived in Japan for 8 years and go back every year on buying trips.   All my Japanese items are bought by me in Japan from dealers and estates.  I guarantee all my items to be original and will be more than happy to provide you as much information as I can on who the person was and how I obtained it via a COA.

If you dont see something ask and I may have it, I will also put you on my wish list if I come across it I will contact you.  I will accept reasonable offers, so don't be afraid to contact me via Email and submit an offer.

I am always looking to buy military items, be it 1 or an entire collection,  so if you have anything to sell please contact me at Militarypackratsales@gmail.com